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The Gambia


Office in Kotu, Opposite hotel Bakotu., 50 meters from Kombo Beach Hotel

5 Days Tour to North Senegal

From your hotel to Banjul Cross the ferry to Barra

Barra to Andallai the Gambia Border for your out immigration stamp

Amdallai to Karang The senegalese border for your immigration stamp to enter into Sengeal

Karang to Toubakuta Touristique village to have a boat trip

Toubakuta to Kaolack town to visit Kaolack central market is the second biggest markt in Africa

Kaolack to Mbour (Sally) to spend the night, then the following day, we will visit (Banja, Safari Park)

Banja, then direct to Dakar the Capital of Senegal

We are going to spend two nights in Dakar

City Tour Dakar: Palace de Independence - The State House - The Biggest Catholic Church - The Biggest Mosque in Dakar - The biggest populair market (Sandaga)

The next day we will visit Goree Island

Dakar to Karang, then to Amdallai Gambia border

Andallai to Barra Cross the ferry again to Banjul

Banjul to your hotel


5 Days Tour to Southern Senegal Casamance

From your hotel to Giboro Gambia village for your immigration out stamp

Giboro to Seleti Senegalese border village for your entry stamp to senegal

Select to Abeneh visit the village and big tree

Abeneh to Kaffountine, then visit to Kassel and Hilol Island and Pelican Island (Night stop)

Kaffountine to Baila = visit their health centre

Baila drive to Ziguin chor (The capital of Casamance) and spend the nigtht

City tour in Ziguinchor in the afternoon: Visit the biggest market in Sanchaba - Marche Artisal of craft market

Ziguinchor to Edungui were to pottery making, then to Essuye

Essuye to M'Lomp to see old museum made out of mud brick house

M'Lomp to Elnkune - Is a bussy fisher man village

Elenkine to Capstring tourisque town to spend two nights

Capstring to Jembereng

Cadstring via Ziguinechor, then Ziguinechor to select Senegalese border

Select to Giboro again, then Giboro to your hotel


Also, I would like to pick you up at the airport, so that we can have better four wheel drive for the trip

Mr.Yusupha Drammeh


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Official Tourist Guide

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The Gambia

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